Pet/Animal Taxi - Midhurst, Petersfield, Haslemere, Petworth & Chichester

You may not have the time to take your pet where it needs to go, you may not drive, may be housebound or your local taxi driver is very reluctant to carry your pet in their vehicle. For whatever reason you cannot get your animal to where you would like, Pet Buddies pet taxi service offers the answer.

Pet Taxi to the Groomers

If your cat or dog has an appointment at the groomers, we can provide a service to pick them up from home and drop them off at the groomers then collect them and bring them home to you looking and smelling beautiful.

Pet Taxi to the Vet’s

If your pet needs to go to the vet, perhaps for a routine jab Pet Buddies can collect him or her from your home, take them to the vets and return your pet without you having the worry of taking time off work for this or the hassle of getting your pet there if you do not drive.

Pet Taxi if you’re moving home

If you were moving home, maybe it would be less stressful for you and your pet if Pet Buddies transported them. We can collect your pet at a convenient time and deliver him or her to your new home. We will have plenty of stops on the way for fuss and attention and if we are transporting your dog we can have lots of toilet breaks.

If you require any further information about our Pet Taxi Service or would like a quotation please go to our contacts page, we look forward to hearing from you.

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